Design & Detail Engineering Services


Broad scope of work


  • Preparation of design basis
  • Preparation of project specification
  • Preparation of control philosophy
  • Preparation of detailed execution drawings
  • Preparation of instrument index
  • Preparation of instrument elevation plan
  • Preparation of interlock logic diagrams
  • Preparation of cable tray/ cable trench layouts
  • Preparation of junction box termination drawings
  • Preparation of instrument hook up drawings
  • Preparation of cable schedules
  • Preparation of fire and gas drawings
  • Preparation of cause and effect drawings
  • Preparation of requisition and specifications for in instruments
  • Technical bid evaluation
  • Review of vendor package systems
  • Sizing of control valves, orifice plates and relief valves
  • Preparation of bill of materials
  • Preparation of interface drawings for DCS. PLC. SCADA and MCC
  • Attending SAFOP / HAZOP meetings
  • Preparation of earthing layouts for system and field
  • Preparation of scope of work for construction activities
  • Preparation of FAT and SAT procedures
  • Preparation of as -built drawings and documentation

Electrical Engineering Services

Broad scope of work

  • Preparation of design basis Report
  • Preparation of project specification
  • Load flow studies
  • Selection of HV/LV switchgear, motor control centers
  • Selection of AC/DC UPS
  • Selection of power/ distribution transformers
  • Designing supply change over schemes for incomers and outgoing feeder control schemes
  • Selection of feeder/motor/ transformer protection relays
  • Switch yard/ transformer layouts
  • Switch gear/ MCC room layout
  • Battery room layouts
  • Cable tray/ trench layouts
  • Earthing calculations
  • Cable routing calculations
  • Lighting (indoor/outdoor) layouts
  • Lightning protection layouts
  • Power and control cable schedules
  • SCADAI/O list
  • Interface activities with civil/ machinery/ instrumentation
  • Relay Coordination and Short Circuit Study
  • Relay & Control Panel Engineering
  • Relay Setting Calculations, Recommendation and Protection Selectivity Study
  • Panel General Arrangement Drawings
  • Schematic Drawings
  • Bill of Material
  • Wiring Table
  • Panel Internal View
  • Panel Cut out Drawings
  • Label List